Our customer service philosophy

In order to achieve growth in the business events sector within Victoria, Business Events Victoria will provide exemplary customer service at every interaction with our members, clients and the wider industry. We will listen to our customers and provide timely information that is accurate and informed.

“The group was one of the best groups I’ve encountered on a famil trip, everyone was so lovely and friendly, including yourself & Chris of course!  And, the schedule and pace was perfect. In addition, even though I’d been on the Gippsland pre-AIME famil in 2014, I saw quite a few venues on this trip that I had never visited or even known about before, and I will definitely consider some for future events.  It certainly makes a very positive difference to experience the venues in person!”
Gippsland familiarisation attendee.

“I would just like to thank you and Business Events Victoria for all your help in locating venues for us in regional Victoria. We could have not done this without your help as we are based in Sydney and was finding it very difficult to find suitable venues. You not only made our job so much easier but we were able to secure the venues quickly and promote our events with great responses. The venues you located for us were all very reasonably priced and very convenient. We could have not done this without your help.” Event co-ordinator, Sydney.

“Thank you so much Adeline! You’ve definitely made my life a whole lot easier! I truly appreciate it.” Executive Assistant, Melbourne.

“I wanted to thank YOU and CHRIS for a great weekend showcasing Shepparton and its surrounds. I was really impressed with Shepparton and it probably would never have come to mind for a conference had I not gone on this famil. There was so much to choose from and they were really all lovely but my personal favourite for my type of conferencing was the Goulburn Valley Hotel and The Connection. Tallis Wines was another standout venue.” Shepparton familiarisation attendee.

“Business Events Victoria continue to offer a pivotal service to the regions of Victoria, providing opportunities for cooperative marketing and representation that would otherwise be costly and unavailable to many operators. Clear and regular communication from the BEV team ensures that as regions we are up to date with the latest news and trends.” BEV member